O God, I ask you to take me into your care and protection, along with all those who sail in ships.

Fisherman’s Prayer

Dear God, be good to me; the sea is so wide, and my boat is so small… Amen.

Prayer to St Brendan, Patron of Mariners

Dear Saint, to mention your name is to recall much travelling. It was in relation to voyages that you emerged as a popular Saint. The Irish became great travellers thus spreading their faith everywhere. Protect not only mariners but also all those who go down to the sea in ships. Amen.

A prayer of awe

You, 0 eternal Trinity, are a deep sea into which, the more I enter, the more I find. And the more I find, the more I seek. 0 abyss, 0 eternal Godhead, 0 sea profound, what more could you give me than yourself? Amen. (Saint Catherine of Siena)

Scripture with reference to seafarers